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Cash is undoubtedly king during home selling and 97% more likely to be accepted in real estate industry, leaving 3% for bidders to compete cash offers to attract sell my house fast Kansas City homeowners. 

Home sellers want to sell my house fast Kansas City Missouri. So, they’ll probably go for an All-Cash offer. But, there are several proven strategies you can implement to give you an upper handle to secure your dream home. Now you have your finances ready and financial documents sorted. But what next? Here are seven ways to successfully compete with an All-Cash Offer. 

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Do Your Due Diligence 

If you’re in the real estate market where competing with all-cash offers is natural, it’s helpful to do your homework to understand the seller and what they are looking for in a Kansas City home buyers to sell your house fast Kansas City. Understanding everything about the seller before making an offer might just increase your chances of securing your dream house. 

Not assuming to know what the seller wants may help you understand specific needs and priorities that sellers cannot compromise when selling the house. For instance, some home sellers are concerned about closing time while others care about the bottom-line offers. Yet others care about the service providers they want to use during transactions.

Knowing detailed information about what the seller prioritizes will enable you to include them when making your bid. This way, you’ll be as attractive as possible to the seller, including making some concessions which could make decisive difference between being disappointed and landing your dream home.

Find a Lender with Loan Offers

Having a local loan officer by your side reassures the seller that you’re a serious buyer who can secure mortgage financing. These local loan officers have solid reputations and relationships with the area Realtors and robust records of closing deals in your area. 

Thus, securing the local loan officer’s stamp of approval gives you an edge over the competition. This may give you an upper hand in when competing with all-cash offers.

Secure Underwritten Upfront

Pre-approvals and pre-qualification are critical early steps in home financing procedure. However, they are insufficient in competing with all-cash offers since they don’t offer enough certainty. Therefore, securing a fully underwritten upfront is a great way to assure the seller that your finances are in tip-top shape and that you’re likelier to get cleared for mortgage. 

Indeed, a fully underwritten upfront is more convincing that having pre-approved or pre-qualified. In addition to knowing how much home you can afford, having a fully underwritten upfront will enable you and the seller to be more certain about your financing. Consequently, it might offer you an upper hand in the typically competitive house market. Additionally, it will enable the seller to sell my house fast in Kansas City.

Meet the Sellers

Since you did your due diligence and now know what the seller is looking for when they need to sell my house fast Kansas City, it’s prudent to meet them where they’re. Getting a little craftier will be helpful since you don’t have all-cash to through around. 

When making your offer, ensure to include all the seller’s irreducible minimums, including exceeding their earnest money requirements, agree to their timeline and closing dates since you did our research, you know what they consider best in matters time. Therefore, do all it takes to meet their time demands.

Additionally, you should allow the seller to decide which third party vender they wish to use, including the title company. Also, during this time, consider buying the house as-is or be flexible on areas you want the seller to repair.

In house buying, the power of flexibility cannot be overlooked. The more flexible you are to the seller, the likelier your offer can be accepted.

Consider Contingency Waiver

Contingencies are written into a contract to give the buyer a “back door” out of the purchase if they have a change of heart, but also make the seller leery about accepting the offer. Consider waiving a physical inspection, but only after you’ve had a contractor friend check out the home before you make that offer. (1)

While contingency are clauses meant to protect you and give you power to opt out of an agreement, including many contingencies when making your offer might stand on your way when trying to secure your dream home.

Suppose you don’t have an All-Cash to splash around; consider being flexible with your contingencies when making your offer. By removing or reducing contingencies, you’ll show the seller that you’re ready and willing to close on the deal as soon as possible. It all scale down to doing your research to understand what the seller is looking for. 

Some house sellers are looking for buyers who will waiver home inspection contingency that demands for repairs. These sellers want to sell their home as-is since they either don’t have cash or don’t want to incur the repair costs. In this case, your offer will stand out to them compared to All-Cash offers.

Up Your Offer

Making a bigger offer is a typical way to compete with cash offers. It’s therefore a pretty straightforward strategy worth the mention. Usually, All-Cash offers do offer below the asking or around the asking price since they know that an All-Cash offer is a sure thing already giving them a leg up called cash discount.  

And sellers would probably likelier to have the cash offers in their pockets but they still go ahead and consider some factors that maybe more appealing with quick closing dates. 

Accordingly, if you want to secure your dream house, consider upping your offers to a point they can’t refuse. Also, having strong down payments could potentially be appealing to the home seller. 

Involve a Letter 

Although it’s always overlooked, accompanying your offer with a letter is an imperative tip in having your offer considered by the seller. Tell the seller that you’re interested in buying their house because you have fallen in love for them. If you’ve ever been in love for a home before, then you’ll realize that home selling and buying is not always about money. 

Some homeowners care about their home legacy and that it stays intact even after selling it. In this case, write to the seller indicating why you love their house. You might be lucky to have emotions play a decisive role in securing your dream home.