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Mark L. McHenry Park: A Vibrant Urban Oasis


Nestled in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, Mark L. McHenry Park stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to providing green spaces for its residents. With its expansive grounds, diverse amenities, and picturesque landscapes, it’s a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike. Information can be found here.

A Legacy of Recreation

Named in honor of Mark L. McHenry, a former director of the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department, the park carries on its legacy of promoting outdoor recreation and community engagement. Spanning over 1,800 acres, it offers a wide range of activities and attractions for people of all ages and interests. See here for information about Discovering Serenity: Exploring Amity Woods Nature Park.

Outdoor Recreation Paradise

Mark L. McHenry Park is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. From hiking and biking trails to playgrounds and sports fields, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Families gather for picnics, cyclists explore the scenic trails, and athletes compete on the fields – all against the backdrop of lush greenery and tranquil lakes.

Scenic Beauty and Wildlife

Beyond its recreational offerings, the park is also a haven for wildlife and natural beauty. Visitors can spot a variety of bird species, including herons and woodpeckers, as they wander through wooded areas and along the park’s lakeshores. It’s a place where city and nature seamlessly coexist, providing a refuge for both humans and wildlife alike.

Community Gathering Place

Mark L. McHenry Park serves as more than just a recreational space; it’s also a vibrant hub for community gatherings and events. Throughout the year, the park plays host to concerts, festivals, and cultural celebrations, bringing people together to connect, celebrate, and enjoy the simple pleasures of outdoor living.


In a bustling urban landscape, Mark L. McHenry Park stands as a green oasis – a place where people can escape the stresses of city life and reconnect with nature and community. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply a breath of fresh air, this beloved park invites you to explore, unwind, and make lasting memories in the heart of Kansas City.