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Variety KC Playground: Creating Inclusive Play in Kansas City


In the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, lies a beacon of inclusivity and joy: the Variety KC Playground. This vibrant space is not just your average playground; it’s a testament to the community’s commitment to ensuring that all children, regardless of ability, can experience the magic of play. Learn more here.

A Playground for All

Variety KC Playground isn’t your typical playground – it’s designed with accessibility and inclusivity at its core. From ramps and wide pathways for wheelchair accessibility to sensory-rich play areas, every element is carefully crafted to cater to children of all abilities. It’s a place where kids can be kids, unrestricted by physical limitations. Learn more about Celebrating Dolls: The United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. in Kansas City.

Innovative Design

What sets Variety KC Playground apart is its innovative design. Traditional playground equipment is reimagined to accommodate children with diverse needs. Swing sets with harnesses provide a safe and enjoyable experience for those with mobility challenges, while tactile elements engage children with sensory sensitivities. Every feature is thoughtfully integrated to foster play and interaction for everyone.

Community Collaboration

The creation of Variety KC Playground is a testament to the power of community collaboration. It’s a project that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of local businesses, organizations, and volunteers. From fundraising efforts to hands-on construction work, the entire community rallied behind the vision of a playground where every child feels welcome.

Impact and Outreach

Since its opening, Variety KC Playground has had a profound impact on the community. It’s not just a place for recreation; it’s a symbol of inclusivity and acceptance. Families travel from across the city to experience its magic, and the ripple effects extend far beyond its physical boundaries. It serves as a catalyst for conversations about accessibility and inclusion in all aspects of life.


In a world where barriers often separate children with disabilities from their peers, Variety KC Playground stands as a shining example of what’s possible when communities come together. It’s more than just a playground – it’s a testament to the power of inclusion and the belief that every child deserves the chance to play, laugh, and create memories that last a lifetime.